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Back Number Foil Balloon - Boxed Set

Introducing the first and only back number balloon by Party West! Each balloon comes with stick-on numbers so you can personalize it to celebrate your favorite cowboy or cowgirl! Pairs perfectly with our rodeo back number dinner plates and cocktail napkins.

Each boxed set includes:
· 23” foil balloon
· Stick-on vinyl numbers 0-9 (one of each)
· Balloon string
· Straw for inflation
· Instructions

Balloons suitable for use with or without helium.


*Please note balloons do not come inflated.

DO NOT OVER INFLATE! Balloon will deflate as air tries to escape.
Simply inflate the balloon again and secure the opening with tape.
When inflated properly, balloon will last 30+ days!

As of July 4th, we have a balloon going on 180 days! WHOO!

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